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Catch a Fire

The first time I heard Indie Allen was at his final year show at Edna Manley College. The school for the visual and performing arts consistently churns out excellent performers and I am forever grateful to them for introducing me to Indie.

His performance at his final year show moved me so much that one of our first blog posts was about his EP back in 2016. I think an update is more than overdue. Friends, him a gwaan wid big tings! Yes mi dear, him all release a music video since week. Check it!

In “Catch a Fire”, Indie Allen takes the beauty, excitement, chaos, and fragility of love, and puts in a beautiful package, complete with a bow. He had me hooked from the very first verse with: “Same thing that can cause you so much pain could have you dancing in a hurricane.” In other words, love stinks, but it’s so worth it.

The music video compliments the lyrics of the song well.  In the video Indie and Sabree, his leading lady, walk around all cutesy in nature. They stare into each other’s eyes lovingly, bicker, fight and make-up -doing whatever it takes to keep the flame alive. It also features a fire dancer whose flame burns brightly; a brilliant contrast against the bleak and misty background. This serves as a reminder that love can brighten up even the darkest of days. I strongly recommend watching the video, just to see the beautiful scenery of Flamstead, St. Andrew.

I’m still waiting for Indie to release “Higher” (hint hint), but this song will hold me over until then. As it drop, me’ll mek unnu know. ‘Til next time!

Walk Good,
Alexia Blair
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Kapital Stone’s “People”

Kapital Stone released his song “People” a couple weeks ago and after hearing the lyrics, I had to put pen to paper. Kapital gave new meaning to tek bad sinting mek laugh as he puts people who think they’re God’s greatest gift to man in their place. While listening to this song, I somehow planned a music video for it. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my imagination…

So there’s this wise old man with his walking stick trodding down the road with his grandson whom he is telling about everyone’s least favourite kind of people. You know the type; they’re the folks who think they’re brilliant but everyone else knows dem dunce plus tax!

The more the old man describes this type of people, the more passionate he becomes about the topic. His passion turns to anger and when the chorus comes around, him fling weh him walking stick and seh:

“People! Mi cya deal wid people!”

That’s all I came up with so far. It is easy to see Kapital has an old soul as it shows in the words of wisdom that roll effortlessly off his tongue. I loved the way he combined this wisdom with humor to remind us not to take ourselves too seriously. That being said, here are some of my favourite lines:

Parading like you are the creator of greatness


Pretentious behaviour is preceded by the misleading guise of believing you are the reason the sun in the east will rise


While 7 billion other people on the planet though. Everybody else sick and yuh seem to be the antidote? Yuh hear how dat sound? Please shut yourself up!


Want more? Gwan guh listen di song!

As usual, I have to show some love to the producer, Kris Karz. This is one of the first productions I’ve heard from him and I am a fan! The riddim was simple and didn’t overpower Kapital Stone’s vocals. Don’t even get me started on that bass though! Much respect goes out to Kris Karz for this one.


Find Kapital on Social Media:

Facebook: Kapital Stone


Soundcloud: Kapital Stone

Youtube: Kapital Stone

Photo Credit goes to Graffiti Emsi Photography (@graffitiemsi on Instagram)

Well, that’s all for now folks. Don’t forget to let me know what you think.


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Alexia Blair

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Claim the Crown

There I was, scrolling through my Twitter timeline when I stumbled upon:

Yuh dun know who had to slide into the DM. Royal Blu sent the songs instantly and I knew I had to do a review; such brilliance had to be shared with the world!

I tried taking the easy way out by reviewing Blu’s favourite song, “Free Paper”, but he challenged me to write about my favourite.  What a piece a wickedness! I kid you not, I spent days with all 13 songs on repeat, trying to figure out which one was my favourite. I still have no clue which is, but I decided to write about “ Claim the Crown”. This is not to say this is the best song of the 13, but there were a few factors which influenced my decision.

  1. A sample of Bob Marley’s “ Dem Belly Full” is featured throughout the song. Anyone who knows me knows that I am Mrs. Marley so anything paying homage to the Legend hav mi hawt.
  2. As a Queen, I appreciate anything that acknowledges my regality so, naturally I was drawn to the mere title of the song.
  3. The song has a solid message that is creatively delivered in a way that showcases Blu’s lyrical genius.

“Claim the Crown” is the kind of song you listen to when you feel as though you’re on top of the world to remind you to stay humble. It is also the kind of song you listen to when it seems as if you keep hitting roadblock after roadblock, just to keep you motivated.

In this song, Lieutenant Royal Blu provides us with tactics for surviving the battle called life. He advises us that we are in charge of our destiny, but the onus is on us to decide whether we’re willing to stand up for ourselves or if we’d rather accept defeat. The calm, cool and collected Lieutenant points out that combat won’t be easy and that getting hurt is inevitable, but highlights that these experiences provide us with life changing lessons.

The message alone isn’t what makes this song profound. Royal Blu has a way of speaking that forces you to hang onto his every word. I’d also like to point out that he’s mastered an art that many musicians struggle with, and that is clarity. He somehow manages to clearly enunciate every single word despite the speed of his flows. In other words, mi nahfi wonder if a Gary, Bailey or Baby him seh! (Big up Busy Signal anyweh him deh).  

Well that’s all for now folks! I strongly recommend that you find someway to get your hands on all 13 songs because they’re fire! I promise you won’t regret it. Here’s “Free Paper” so you can see what I’m talking about.

Find Royal Blu on Social Media

Facebook: @TheRoyalBluOne

Instagram: @theroyalblu


Walk Good,
Alexia Blair
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Dat 100lb Ting

100lb dropped about a week ago and I’m sure we’ll have it on repeat for the coming weeks. The track features the lyrical styling of Kione Zaire, Jeeby Lyricist and Blvk H3ro, and each of the young wordsmiths brought their A-game.

Blvck H3ro’s soothing, fit-for-reggae vocals could make any woman feel like an empress and that’s exactly what he does when he praises a woman’s curvaceous physique in the 100lb chorus.

Jeeby Lyricist takes the mic for the first verse thus setting the pace for the song. “Cya rush baby-making.” he says as he reminds his curvy chica that it’s slow and steady that wins the race.

Kione hits the track at a jog and elevates his muse to goddess status because her evabless give life! His verse leaves listeners waiting for more but Kione, unwilling to show his cards too early, hands over the baton effortlessly to Jeeby.

Ladies and gentlemen, as if his chocolatey deep voice wasn’t enough to bring this 100lb goddess to the sky and back, Jeeby is packing avocado, a known aphrodisiac, for his late night rendezvous. Things are escalating here at the trackside!

Kione then grabs the baton and shot it for an amazing anchor leg. His sexual prowess and his lyrical stamina bring his Harley Quinn across the finish line with a great big SPLASH! What a race!

Let’s not forget that 100lb would not be the crowd favourite that it is without the new age production skills of Wavy Jones from Alpine Compound. His modern twists of 808’s and hard-hitting drums exquisitely complement the lyrical flow of the three gentlemen. Have a listen for yourself, 100lb.

All in all, this song gets the Universal Reggae stamp of approval and I’m dying to hear what you think about it. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for upcoming events, and event reviews. Until next time!

Walk Good,
Alexia Blair
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Protoje’s Blood Money

No one can deny the love Protoje has for Jamaica; his song JA is what made me a fan of his music. It was probably that same love for the nation that propelled him to make Blood Money. Check out the video below!

Blood Money has a simple riddim that seems to melt away until it becomes background noise once Protoje begins speaking. It is clear that the goal is for you to focus on his words. No fluff required. I was only reminded of the  riddim when Protoje cuts off into indiggnant 😉 silence leaving me with nothing but the outro: a reminder of the fire I was so eloquently served.

The song opens with “A nuff drugs money deh a Cherry Garden.” ‘Cherry Gardens’ here serves as a symbol for the wealthy Jamaicans who are some of the most corrupt people on the island. This track was released a few months after the controversial Kahjeel Mais case so it was hard not to draw parallels. This case proved that with enough money and connections, one could commit illegal and unethical acts and emerge scotch free. In situations such as these, poor persons are left to suffer in the aftermath with the limited resources they have. Blood Money is an excellent portrayal of this recurring cycle of injustice.

I would be remiss if I ended this post without mentioning Taj Francis’ artwork which is featured in the above video. Two images stood out to me: The picture of the Half Way Tree Clock Tower burning and the image of the Redemption Song statue as it melted before my eyes. These two visuals matched perfectly with the theme of the song. They represent the beauty of Jamaica which will be reduced if the corruption which plagues the island is left unchecked.

All in all, this was a fabulous song. Protoje once again managed to do everything right!

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Well, that’s all for now folks! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for upcoming events, and event reviews. Until next time!
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