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Out Now: Time And Space

Silkki Wonda released his new new single “Time and Space” Featuring Dexta Malawi; he continues to add to his long roster of self-produced music with the addition of his latest single.

The single featuring rising artiste Dexta Malawi addresses the lack of showing peace and love in the modern era that seem inconvenient for many.

Where is your mind? Into Time and Space. Where is that love I give to you with no dismay?

With a rocking melody that will have you moving; Silkki continues his strong tone of positive word play and the use of reggae-hip hop beats to express his views on the neglect and ignorance showed towards ghetto youths and others who are in need.

Dexta Malawi makes a strong appearance on the track that results in a successful collaboration.

Time and Space can be heard via Youtube and Soundcloud, take a listen below.

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Royalty (is) Free

We have seen in a few interviews since the beginning of 2016 that Protoje would be stepping up the pace in releasing songs, and on June 1st we were pleasantly surprised with “Can’t Feel No Way” followed shortly by “Glad You’re Home.” Then Protoje blessed us, on his birthday, June 14th, with the album “Royalty Free Side B”. This side of the album kicks off with Can’t Feel No Way at number 6, and Glad You’re Home at number 7. Although both songs were trending on Jamaican twitter before the album dropped, “Sandra Foster” took over the lime light as soon as “Royalty Free Side B” hit the scene.

See the track list below:


Diggy was the main producer on the album, along with Tracker John MD, 8Track, The Drum Keys, & Winta James. Now let me tell you, I love off Royalty Free, I have it on repeat. I’m gonna tell you what I think about each song, so if you want to take a listen first, go ahead.

Can’t Feel No Way has a hip-hop beat with a sample of Dennis Brown’s “Don’t Feel No Way” swinging as the chorus. We get to see Diggy’s same lyrical genius in more of a ‘rap vibe’. He can’t feel no way about not winning a Grammy because his music is still being played worldwide. BONUS: listen keenly to hear the story; as well as Runkus’ ad libs. This song hypes me up so much, it makes me want to dab, and the lyrics get to me every time.  It packs a lot of punch for just 2 minutes and 39 seconds.

Drop di Ancient Future, di man dem neva gi nuh grammy to the king, can’t feel no way though, music a play doh? Fry fish, bammy to me ting…

Protoje told us, on Twitter, that Glad You’re Home (GYH), Sandra Foster(SF), and Flight Plans (FP) are connected, one storyline; and in GYH she comes home.

Glad You’re Home also has a hip-hop feel to it, it features a sample of “Ring My bell” by Anita Ward. To me the lyrics are cheeky, and I love it, as the title suggests, he’s glad she’s home and they finally get to meet and reconnect, intimately.

Sandra Foster is Protoje’s favourite song off the album and is a crowd favourite as well. This riddim has a jazz or neo-soul feel to it. It’s also special because it contains excerpts from the Fae Ellington 1991 interview of Sandra Foster, former Miss Jamaica World. Diggy confessed that Sandra Foster was his first crush, and he saw some of the same qualities in his ‘starring lady’ as Sandra Foster; hence the use of her interview. In “SF she’s apprehensive about going back out.”

Flight Plans takes us to a riddim of a reggae & hip-hop flare, with the lovely Lila Ike doing the ad libs; “My baby don’t go, my baby don’t go, I beg you please don’t go…” as the chorus, pulled on my heart strings. This song is sad because even though the situation can’t be helped, and it can be seen in her eyes that leaving would hurt, she still does. In “FP she decides to go.”

Used To Be My Life is my favourite on the album, the riddim connected with my soul, it is the modern take on reggae. It gives us a little insight on the personal side of Diggy, in the first verse he describes the pain he went through when a close friend of his died. The lyrics accompany the instrumental perfectly, the story of his past experiences and what he’s gone through is inspiring; he gives thanks for those who were there for him in his time of struggling.

The album is available to download, for free, on Protoje’s website [here] and to stream on Soundcloud [here]. So far Royalty Free is an album that no song has to be skipped, they’re all amazing, with different feels to each, and any song is someone’s favourite.

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Walk Good,
Rashida Grant
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