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Protoje tmrw.tday Forever

After Saturday night, I can now cross attending a concert on the beach off my bucket list. I’d love to shake the hand of whoever’s idea it was to have the Protoje tmrw.tday concert at Boardwalk Village.The venue was perfect. The cool sand beneath our feet was the perfect contrast to the fire that blazed brightly with each performance. Yaadcore deejaying in the background helped set the tone for the musical journey we were on for the remainder of the night.


Runkus was the first to take the stage. His set included “Run”, “Move Yuh Feet” and the clear crowd favourite “Burn EverythinG”. Runkus start di fyah and it took every fibre of my being to resist the urge to kidnap his jacket when he threw it to the ground. Mi nahguh hide it, I’m a fangirl and I’m proud!


Following Runkus there was a quick band change (shout out to Monty, my guitsy bae) and the talented, beautiful and always well put together Sevana was next. She glided gracefully across the stage while crooning a few of her hits like “Chant it”, “Bit too Shy” and “Carry You”.


The Don Shepherd, our emcee for the evening came on stage to thank the sponsors, build suspense and perform “Raggamuffin”, one of the poems in his book Inna the Morning Yah. Then it was time for the main act, Protoje!

The Don Shepherd

His supporting vocalists Keiko Smith and Racquel Stephenson marched on the stage in matching “Blood Money” shirts. The band’s intense intro made it clear that Protoje neva come fi kin teet. Diggy brought us hits from Ancient Future like “Protection” and “Sudden Flight”. He graced us with a medley of songs from Seven Year Itch, performed classics from the Eight Year Affair such as “Kingston Be Wise” and “Hail Ras Tafari” and made sure he gave us a taste of Royalty Free too. You know he couldn’t leave the stage without singing “Blood Money” during which he encouraged us to play our part in stopping corruption in Jamaica.


Protoje humbly interacted with us and at one point asked us to come closer. I didn’t need to be told twice, mi mek sure itch up right under di speaka box. Protoje told us he has done over fifty shows since the start of the year and he wasn’t tired! He jumped, danced and sang to prove to us that he was just getting started. Nuhbody cya seh di ras nuh fit!


At one point the song ended and the music stopped playing leaving Protoje skanking to the music in his head. I have no clue what song was playing but by the look on Diggy’s face mi know di song did sweeeeet. I was reminded of my favourite quote:


And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.- Friedrich Nietzsche


All in all, it was a great show. The only problem I found was that Protoje did not perform my favourite song from Seven Year Itch, “Wrong Side of the Law”. Music did play though so I guess I can’t feel nuh way ;).

Love and respect to  Romario Lynch for the pics, you can find him @leBossLynch on social media

That’s all for now folks! Stay tuned for more song and event reviews.


Walk Good,

Alexia Blair

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I'm a proud Jamaican studying to be a Speech Pathologist in the United States. I'm in love with music and consider myself a Reggae Activist. I'm also over three years into my Natural Hair Journey. So this is where I'll put my thoughts, questions, concerns... and rants.

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