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Claim the Crown

There I was, scrolling through my Twitter timeline when I stumbled upon:

Yuh dun know who had to slide into the DM. Royal Blu sent the songs instantly and I knew I had to do a review; such brilliance had to be shared with the world!

I tried taking the easy way out by reviewing Blu’s favourite song, “Free Paper”, but he challenged me to write about my favourite.  What a piece a wickedness! I kid you not, I spent days with all 13 songs on repeat, trying to figure out which one was my favourite. I still have no clue which is, but I decided to write about “ Claim the Crown”. This is not to say this is the best song of the 13, but there were a few factors which influenced my decision.

  1. A sample of Bob Marley’s “ Dem Belly Full” is featured throughout the song. Anyone who knows me knows that I am Mrs. Marley so anything paying homage to the Legend hav mi hawt.
  2. As a Queen, I appreciate anything that acknowledges my regality so, naturally I was drawn to the mere title of the song.
  3. The song has a solid message that is creatively delivered in a way that showcases Blu’s lyrical genius.

“Claim the Crown” is the kind of song you listen to when you feel as though you’re on top of the world to remind you to stay humble. It is also the kind of song you listen to when it seems as if you keep hitting roadblock after roadblock, just to keep you motivated.

In this song, Lieutenant Royal Blu provides us with tactics for surviving the battle called life. He advises us that we are in charge of our destiny, but the onus is on us to decide whether we’re willing to stand up for ourselves or if we’d rather accept defeat. The calm, cool and collected Lieutenant points out that combat won’t be easy and that getting hurt is inevitable, but highlights that these experiences provide us with life changing lessons.

The message alone isn’t what makes this song profound. Royal Blu has a way of speaking that forces you to hang onto his every word. I’d also like to point out that he’s mastered an art that many musicians struggle with, and that is clarity. He somehow manages to clearly enunciate every single word despite the speed of his flows. In other words, mi nahfi wonder if a Gary, Bailey or Baby him seh! (Big up Busy Signal anyweh him deh).  

Well that’s all for now folks! I strongly recommend that you find someway to get your hands on all 13 songs because they’re fire! I promise you won’t regret it. Here’s “Free Paper” so you can see what I’m talking about.

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Facebook: @TheRoyalBluOne

Instagram: @theroyalblu


Walk Good,
Alexia Blair
Universal Reggae



I'm a proud Jamaican studying to be a Speech Pathologist in the United States. I'm in love with music and consider myself a Reggae Activist. I'm also over three years into my Natural Hair Journey. So this is where I'll put my thoughts, questions, concerns... and rants.

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