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Dat 100lb Ting

100lb dropped about a week ago and I’m sure we’ll have it on repeat for the coming weeks. The track features the lyrical styling of Kione Zaire, Jeeby Lyricist and Blvk H3ro, and each of the young wordsmiths brought their A-game.

Blvck H3ro’s soothing, fit-for-reggae vocals could make any woman feel like an empress and that’s exactly what he does when he praises a woman’s curvaceous physique in the 100lb chorus.

Jeeby Lyricist takes the mic for the first verse thus setting the pace for the song. “Cya rush baby-making.” he says as he reminds his curvy chica that it’s slow and steady that wins the race.

Kione hits the track at a jog and elevates his muse to goddess status because her evabless give life! His verse leaves listeners waiting for more but Kione, unwilling to show his cards too early, hands over the baton effortlessly to Jeeby.

Ladies and gentlemen, as if his chocolatey deep voice wasn’t enough to bring this 100lb goddess to the sky and back, Jeeby is packing avocado, a known aphrodisiac, for his late night rendezvous. Things are escalating here at the trackside!

Kione then grabs the baton and shot it for an amazing anchor leg. His sexual prowess and his lyrical stamina bring his Harley Quinn across the finish line with a great big SPLASH! What a race!

Let’s not forget that 100lb would not be the crowd favourite that it is without the new age production skills of Wavy Jones from Alpine Compound. His modern twists of 808’s and hard-hitting drums exquisitely complement the lyrical flow of the three gentlemen. Have a listen for yourself, 100lb.

All in all, this song gets the Universal Reggae stamp of approval and I’m dying to hear what you think about it. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for upcoming events, and event reviews. Until next time!

Walk Good,
Alexia Blair
Universal Reggae



I'm a proud Jamaican studying to be a Speech Pathologist in the United States. I'm in love with music and consider myself a Reggae Activist. I'm also over three years into my Natural Hair Journey. So this is where I'll put my thoughts, questions, concerns... and rants.

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