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The “New Wave” Experience


It feels so good to be home once more after a four-month absence. The first order of business was to jump right into the live music scene. You can imagine my excitement when my best friend and fellow Universal Reggae writer, Shida, told me we were attending this year’s final staging of New Wave.

Tardiness has always been a defining characteristic of our friendship so it’s not surprising that we arrived just in time to see the last few minutes of Paris and Kongz’ live production set. It was interesting to watch the thought, musical intellect and trial and error that went into creating a musical masterpiece. I now have an even greater respect for the level of work required for production.

Once their set was complete, Shida and I chilled as the music JimmyQ played filled the air. We somehow lost track of time and were brought back to reality only by the sound of a guitar strumming behind us.  We turned around to see the band had set up and was ready and waiting to take us on a musical journey. The live performance for the night was from Jeeby “The Lyricist” and Di Vibe. I had never seen him perform before but Shida stressed that the man was greatness.

Jeeby the lyricist, new wave ja, di vibe, music,Jamaica, universal reggae,

Jeeby took the stage dressed in a camouflage shirt and army green pants; ready for war. His skillful lyrics were his weapon of choice and he was shielded by an impenetrable force field of confidence. The lyrical onslaught began and I sat there in awe. I was mesmerized as he strategically combined words to form sentences fit for battle. His lyrics had the same effect on those around me. The venue was filled with silence as everyone was captivated by his witty word play. Occasionally, my fellow patrons would erupt into screams and cheers when the lyrical attack became too much to bear in silence.

Jeeby the lyricist, new wave ja, di vibe, music,Jamaica, universal reggae,

It would be downright disrespectful for me to end this post without mentioning Jeeby’s backing vocalist. Courtni, How yuh suh bad? This woman did things with her voice that I am certain are illegal in 10 of the 14 parishes. Let’s not forget his band; a family bounded by their obvious love for music! The MC mentioned that they met through school and I’m glad they did.

I need to see this group perform again in the near future and I strongly suggest you do the same.

Photos by Romario Lynch, @leBossLynch on social media.





I'm a proud Jamaican studying to be a Speech Pathologist in the United States. I'm in love with music and consider myself a Reggae Activist. I'm also over three years into my Natural Hair Journey. So this is where I'll put my thoughts, questions, concerns... and rants.

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