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Out Now: Time And Space

Silkki Wonda released his new new single “Time and Space” Featuring Dexta Malawi; he continues to add to his long roster of self-produced music with the addition of his latest single.

The single featuring rising artiste Dexta Malawi addresses the lack of showing peace and love in the modern era that seem inconvenient for many.

Where is your mind? Into Time and Space. Where is that love I give to you with no dismay?

With a rocking melody that will have you moving; Silkki continues his strong tone of positive word play and the use of reggae-hip hop beats to express his views on the neglect and ignorance showed towards ghetto youths and others who are in need.

Dexta Malawi makes a strong appearance on the track that results in a successful collaboration.

Time and Space can be heard via Youtube and Soundcloud, take a listen below.

Get more information on the latest with Silkki Wonda by following him on Social Media:

Facebook/Twitter/Soundcloud: – SilkkiWonda

Instagram – SilkkiWondaMusic

Press Release from J26PR.



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