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Is Your Heart in the Art?

Chaser’s Café at 5 Belmont Road was our venue for the evening. Wav Empress, the DJ, set the mood with songs by popular reggae artistes until it was time for the show to begin. After a while, the MC welcomed us to Heart in the Art. He introduced Richard Nattoo, a talented artist who listened to the performers and painted pieces in response to how the music made him feel. Mr. Nattoo was later joined by Shaundel, a tattoo artist and the two created beautiful paintings in artistic harmony.

First to take the stage was Ras Xtreme. He came with a set that blazed from start to finish. His song Shaat Locks was a crowd favourite as he showed his lyrical wit with flawless word play. He was followed by Kabira, a cabaret singer, who belted out a combination of original songs and covers. She called her set the “Rollercoaster of Love” and she took us on the journey of falling in love, having one’s heart broken and learning to love again. With her soulful voice and energetic performance, she had the audience eating from the palms of her hands until the very end.


Before the audience had a chance to steady themselves from the rollercoaster ride, D’yani stepped onstage with an air of confidence that instantly won our hearts. Who could blame him for being confident when his backing band was so phenomenal. D’yani sang his popular songs Soul Rebel, Give Away My Love and Sad Story. His well-trained voice pulled us in and made us listen as he tackled topics of love, and crime. He left the audience, especially the ladies, wanting more.

A ball of energy soon came and dampened the yearning for D’yani’s silky smooth voice. His name? Blvk H3ro. His set was filled with crowd interaction and he seemed to be fueled by the vibe the crowd provided. He ended his performance by taking a moment to advertise his new EP The Herb Connoisseur (THC) and giving the audience a sample with his song “Herb”. His skillfully written lyrics collided with the jazzy riddim and the end result was magical.

Maticulus Arburn was next. His song “Vertigo” was about being friend-zoned and that made him great in my books. I mean who hasn’t been friend-zoned? This young man had a way with words but nothing lasts forever. His set eventually came to an end and he made way for, Ras-I.


Let me tell you about Ras-I! He is a singer, songwriter, guitar and piano player, and a producer. He was supported by an equally talented band. His backing singer Zosia’s voice was as soothing as honey and complimented Ras-I very well. He dedicated a part of his set to paying tribute to the reggae artistes who paved the way for him. He sang songs by Dennis Brown and The Mighty Diamonds to name a few. The majority of his set however, were his original songs such as Dread Inna Babylon and Bad Boy Bully
Dmitri Izem was then called to stage by the MC who just so happened to be his mother and number 1 fan. He was young but commanded attention despite his age. He moved around the stage with agility but I could not decide who was more entertaining, Dmitri or his proud mother who videoed his entire performance.

Royal Blu and his surprise, Lila Ike.
Royal Blu, and his surprise, Lila Ike.

The event was scheduled to end at 11pm however a late start, multiple band changes and a long line-up resulted in the final performer coming on stage a few minutes after 12. Royal Blu was not deterred. In fact, his performance was the most vibrant of the night. He expressed how grateful he was that we stuck around to see him perform. He danced around the stage with gusto and even danced with a lucky fan. He also called on stage a beautiful young woman who he described as his favourite singer, Lila Ike, for a duet. She did not disappoint. Ladies and gentlemen, remember the name because this one is going places! He had stage presence, conscious lyrics and delivered his art with confidence and, clarity. He thoroughly enjoyed himself, the band enjoyed playing for him and most importantly, the audience enjoyed watching him!

That’s all for now folks! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for upcoming events, and also event reviews. Until next time,
Walk Good,
Alexia Blair
Universal Reggae


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